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Types of Atta

Atta (Indian bread flour)

Atta flour is probably the most commonly used wheat flour in the Indian subcontinent. It is whole wheat flour made from durum wheat which is very hard wheat (similar to the flour used to make pasta). Durum wheat has high protein content and also high gluten content; this makes it ideal for making breads. Atta also has a high bran content which is very healthy.

Traditionally atta is stone ground and comes out a sort of creamy brown color. It is quite coarse flour but very tough so you can roll it out very thin. It is used to make roti and chapatti and paranthas and quite a few other Indian breads. It is sometimes marketed in the west (and referred to in recipes) as chapatti flour.


Atta is an Indian whole-grain wheat flour to make flat breads (Roti). Wheat uses are: Durum and Aestivum
There are various types of Atta available in Indian stores in United States
1. Durum Atta, milled from Durum Wheat.
2. Brown Atta, milled from Hard Red Wheat
3. Safed Atta, milled from Hard White Wheat
4. Chapatti Atta, milled from a combination of Hard Red and Hard White wheat
5. Chakki Atta, milled by hand operated stone mill, or small electric stone mills






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